Monday, June 22, 2009

Harmonious Addictions

Okay, i realize that i'm really bombing on this whole blogging thing. But whatever. I really just wanted to pop my head in real quick and give you a few songs to listen to that i'm currently in love with. Enjoy.

Sufjan Stevens also does a great version (or atleast i think so) of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" so go to youtube and check him out.

I almost couldn't find a link for this one, but here it is so just click "play"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back to the Future

I guess its time for an update. Alot has gone on for me these past few weeks regarding where i've been and where i'm headed. Let's just say Heavenly Father knows something i don't, and thank goodness for that. Here's a quick recap: three weeks ago my job fell through in Maryland and i started to feel like my time there was done. I felt like i wanted to go back to school and that i should move home for the summer. I moved home within the week and have been visiting people and helping my sister out with her kids. I've been contemplating which school i'd like to go to...and after research and a visit to the temple i know i'm supposed to go to Salt Lake City and go to LDS Business College this fall. yikes. There is a whole lot of change going on in my world in a very short period of time that i did not anticipate AT ALL. I'm excited yet hesitant. I still feel broken-hearted about leaving maryland and my ward there. I'm making new friends at home, getting quickly attached to my sister's kids (and my sister), and having fun catching up with old friends....which will rip my heart out ONCE AGAIN when i have to leave for SLC. I suppose all of this moving around would be easier if i didn't get so attached to people. The new love of my life is Paige...i mean i LOVE all my sister's kids but i've really fallen in love with Paige, even if she is a full time job. I love that she lights up when i walk in the house and she wants to be with me almost the whole time i'm there. I also love that Jamison and Sierra have really warmed up to me and actually want to let me play with them and even snug up to me sometimes. At any rate, i'm just going to have a hard time moving out there when it is time. But i'm EXCITED for the new chapter in my life, for being closer to joseph, katie and claire (and my cousins out there), and just for being in a new place where i can meet new people and grow to be a better Jill. There's a lot of uncertainty...mostly the financial piece. But i'm putting my trust in the Lord to guide me and open doors as i obey His will. And besides...i always like a good adventure.