Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Hiking We Will Go

Hi Ho the Dairio, a hiking we will go! While Stacey was out of town helping her sister out with the cute new baby, I had to find ways to keep the boys occupied. We ended up with some nice weather and Rodney suggested we go hiking on the "Billy Goat Trail". Its starts out as a nice walk down the canal...which extends all the way from DC to Ohio. *Take note, i would like to bike this one day...i heard it can be done in a week...anyone want to go?* The scenery was beautiful. Warren let me know he would teach me how to hike...since i didn't know how. Here is a little filmage from our adventure. David and Warren are fearless on all of those rocks! David had to have a little help from one of us from time to time. After all, he is barely two.

I was not prepared for how rocky the trail is. As you can see from the pictures, alot of the trail actually went over rocks that we had to climb. It was seriously so much fun and there were beautiful views. The water was emerald green. Who knew that a place so beautiful existed right outside of DC?

A candid shot of Rodney and David on the trail.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hi Mom!

No, not my mom. Stacey's been out of town the last couple of days so the boys just wanted to say hi. Sorry its not longer stacey... they were on the move and didn't want to stop to chat for very long. But they've been missing you! (and i have too)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Anyone out there?

So....I'm fairly convinced that my mom and my sister are really the only ones that read this. But that's okay, and i love them so it works out. That's all.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

WARNING: Deep Emotional Thoughts

Today is an anniversary of sorts. Most of the time when you think of the word "anniversary" it brings happy thoughts. However, today's anniversary is not so happy. I've tried to tell myself its no big deal...but the truth is it kind of is to me so deal with it. You see, one year ago on this very night I had something taken from me. Physically speaking i lost a car and some stuff (but it was MY stuff dang it), although emotionally it is much more than that. I can still see exactly the way the barrel of that gun looked pointed right at me. I can still feel the uncertainty of whether they would spare my life and hoping, praying that i wouldn't hear a gunshot while my back was turned to them. And i can still feel the fear of being alone in the dark, knowing that two of them had left on foot and were still out there somewhere...wanting to just collapse and cry but making myself suck it up and search for help, banging on doors in the middle of the night until someone would let me in. And i still feel IMMENSE gratitude and love for the friends that jumped out of bed and got there almost as fast as the police did. I remember feeling so supported from those friends who were not just co-workers, but really cared about me. This year has been hard, not so much because of the actual incident (though i'm VERY cautious at night and don't trust anyone i don't know) as is the fall out, the aftermath if you will. I've struggled with feeling like it wasn't a big enough deal to have the emotional repercussions i've had, but deep down i know it is. Because whether or not anyone else thinks its valid, it is MY reality...and that's what matters. This year, i look forward to a year of healing, peace and freedom. Healing to my stress riddled body, peace to my troubled soul, and freedom from paying for a car that i don't even have. I will not be a victim to this any longer, it doesn't serve me or those i come in contact with. DONE.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm just sayin...

I know i haven't posted in about a week... i've been very busy playing "office" with my friends down the street. Who needs a rousing game of "kidnap" when you can sit at a desk and push paperwork all day. Its basically a party. At any rate, I'm just writing to let it be known that i am divorcing my body. I would like to say that it is amicable, but we pretty much resent each other at this point. 'nough said.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My dear friend caffeine

Dear caffeine,

oh how i miss you. It is day number dos without your sweet presence in my life. Without you here, the futon in my office looks increasingly tempting. I find myself often staring into space (okay, that one isn't that abnormal for me) and daydreaming of all of our memories together. Remember those days that we used to spend in sweet embrace during the long, hot summer days of going door to door to door to door? Or what about those times i used to chug you along with your vitamin friends before a grueling spin class? I know your feelings must have been hurt as i cut down to just one energy drink a day, and then even further unil i was only consuming you in the form of sodas. I never meant to hurt you, but the truth is my body just doesn't love you anymore. Its not you, its me. I've grown more and more intolerant to your ways in the last few months, and its just not worth it anymore. I need to do this for my happiness and well-being, so please don't cry. We can still be friends, right?

Forever yours,

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Anderson's Go to the Zoo (and Jill goes too)

First of all, let me release my frustration for a minute. I've been trying to get this one song from my itunes to play in this video...but no matter what i try the movie software will not accept it. So i had to settle for something else. Hmmph. I really really wanted that song. Some may say "oh its no big deal" and i know they are right, but when i have a certain vision for something i don't really like the interuption of said vision.

Okay, whew... i feel better. So a few (or more like 6) weeks ago, we decided to play hookie and go to the zoo. Shhhh, don't tell the boss. Seriously though, who could pass up a 60 degree weather day in december? Apparently not us. I took a few shots of our adventures...dancing, rodney riding some old mans wheelchair thingy, more dancing and a really cool street drummer that was providing us passersby with some rockin' times.